For Information on how to help Carlos Coy go to WWW.SPMAFTERMATH.COM. Carlos is serving a 45 year sentence. See all the facts of his case on the same website. His mailing adress is public information #1110642 Wallace Pack Unit 2400 Wallace Pack Road Navasota, Texas 77868 send your letters of support. Just a reminder that Carlos receives anywhere from ten to twenty letters a day, make your letter count.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

SAMBO Original Artwork

peeps just wanted to share these original prison artwork,decals so-to-speak. 
Sambo is the artist and if anybody is interested hit up my email 

Somebody asked  me to write why I know SPM is not guilty. Man all you have to do is hit up WWW.SPMAFTERMATH.COM
Of course you might understand me better because I could explain it in Mari terms.
So if you followed the trial you know all the discrepancies. The nine year old girl which was obviously trained to accuse Carlos said that he went to Carley's room and kneeled down went between her legs and performed oral sex for 1second, or 1 minute, or one lick depending on which story you want to feel is right. She also said it could of been a dream.Jane Doe is simply a victim of her parents,  the officer who couldn't do her job and record the initial statement  because all the equipment in the police station was defective. Really? Cops got equipment for days on end, believe me I've been interrogated a few times. Now Carlos was offered a plea of five years probation if he pleaded guilty. Why didn't he take it? If you didn't hurt a child that's not the kind of charge you want on your record.  Obviously it would have ended his career. The police department  did a sloppy job on this case they didn't make the weakest attempt to collect DNA no clothes was tested no , nothing that could help or hurt the case either way. Why? Ask Chip who now conveniently works with the ex DA in Carlos Coy's case. If you haven't seen the transcripts that man got punked which I now believe was all a show. America let me tell you about our system cause I know, I don't care if you have a public pretender, or Rob Shapiro lawyers, DA's, Judges they bargain with our lives, they say if we sink this one, I'll be lenient to this one. Personally Ive been on the receiving end of both sides. Okay the victims parents sued of course but they were so greedy that Tudi offered them $300,000 and they said no. Civil court didnt believe them but had to insult them with $10, 000 just to agree with the conviction of felony court. Sad storey, The mom was interviewed at the time When Devis Strike LP came out. She said Carlos had not yet payed a dollar from Carlos and all they wanted now was an apology. Sorry but if  you molest my child I'm not gonna want your dirty money, or an apology. Imma want you to die. So the mom's video has then disappeared from  YouTube.  But we have good ole Billy's statement he called Carlos "a sick puppy." Another stupid thing to say to the man  who ruined your baby allegedly. Link on top.

Okay the best reason to know your boy is not guilty? His attitude, his demeanor.  Guilty people sleep their sentence away. Like I have said before, I fall asleep in the police car. Every time it never fails. A guilty person wouldn't fight after damn near13 years to make sure that all of us don't go with out music. Like in his music his stories stay the same. They never change. Why would Carlos care so much about each and every one of us? Guilty dudes just don't care and go into survival mode. Man come on I know guilty people, we except our fate.
Laters playas.



Monday, July 21, 2014

Since Elementary,The Penitentiary

More decal work from Sambo. Hit me up if you need any custom art work .

  Hello world of SPM and Bing. And anyone else in Texas. How the hell are we? As for myself I've been you know slacking on you all. So first things first Bing aka "Mo Drama Bing Laden" finally called, turns out he and the unit were placed on lock down. He has not been able to purchase stamps. Hence no letter. So an update his album date has been set to drop 9/11 hint hint. But in the underground world every thing is "Tentative" remember that folks. Especially cause it's all Independent and the artist have to pay for everything themselves. He talked to me for as long as possible except the phone kept getting disconnected. First the CO asked him to hang up. And of course he did not appreciate it and went a little hostile on the said CO. If you ever been to prison, you would think that was funny. I did, CO's tend to lose empathy, or never have it when they work for a few years. It's rough for everybody involved. Let's just change the subject. I actually played him the Freestyle on the Screwston vol. 4 Screwologist LP and he said he did not know if it was him on the track or not. So I guess I'll never know. Here is the link:
 Bing's track Maybe? check maybe you all know if Bing is on it, cause he sure don't have a clue. Anyhow I know you all have a thousand questions for Bing but his focus is off it's a big change to go from segregation to GP, And it's exciting and overwhelming. When one is housed in segregation, it is almost like sensory deprivation. Okay maybe that is exaggerated but it's pretty damn close LOL. Carlos and I have not communicated for a while; I sent him the comments, well actually the print out of the last blog. See this is the problem, when Bing calls he calls me collect and if I run out of money they block the phone from Carlos but not Bing. And there's nothing I can do but place more money on the account. Well I'm so damn hood that me and money don't get along. Real talk which is funny cause I spent my whole life getting fast money, spending it, then getting more. Now that my mind is different I just don't have no more ambition I guess. Point is I have a hard time keeping my phone line open. My life is too crazy I mean yesterday a detective went to my house to ask me about a double homicide, why cause I live in the projects still. Well I kinda do, my Ghetto girl handle is not a joke or exaggeration. My life is pretty not glamorous, why do I spend time messing with pages and blogs who knows? I should be on some other priorities. Back to Bing and Los, Los has recorded  calls since he's been out of seg

First call.
Had to make it a link instead of embed because the embed code is faulty I think.

Second call

There you all have it the reunion between Filero and Los and, the announcement of the S.O.N. September 30th. I should have gotten a hi, hello for being the one to re-unite these two but Los forgot me and I shouldn't care cause i'm on inside so-to-speak but I do care. I care about everything these days. However Filero did re-post the Drinking a 40 with Los, and told me thanks let me post the pic you know I saved it.

Shout out to Filero for showing me some love. 
So I must add this call Los mentions me this made my whole year man, I guess because of the way he said it like if i'm just a regular part of their crew. It's awesome, funny thing is that the cold 40 he talking about Bing mentions me. I'm telling you my life is a trip. Why do i get excited with these thing's well it's SPM damn!

Okay so on that note Filero Most Hated LP is supposed to be dropping soon as well, I don''t know any type of date because last I heard it was July 4th and that didn't happen.
I believe this is the cover art I pretty sure Los dropped a verse for it.
So Bing promised again to send me a blog as soon as he got stamps, maybe in a few days, we were having major issues communicating with each other so I couldn't grab some material off the phone. He's excited about the whole being able to record again. You all know that FileroHtx already recorded some hooks he has them on deck for $300.00 dollars. I mean to me that's good deal and all you have to do is put the money on his books which you can do at the following  JPay  make an account search Bing's Name (Raymond Ayala inmate #1161502) and it will let you put money on his books, phone time, write him and or email; which they print out the following day. You all know all the highlighted text are links right? Just checking, like I was saying if you are a starting artist, or an OG it will not hurt you to have Bing on your shit. I would jump on that opportunity, but that's just me. I know no one has no money blah blah blah, but it would really boost your demographics of your fans. Just saying. What would I know? I hope you all stay patient waiting for Bing to send a new blog. Remember he's like experiencing a third world country at the moment. They have no AC and he also said that they got flies and gnats to handle some plague type shit. So we can't really rush him right now. I think his next blog will be posted on his Facebook page.Bing Ayala Facebook Pg I'm not sure tho it might not work but either way go like my boys page and see some cool shit. There is a FB badge for all my favorite pages on the right, Also if you all on twitter make sure and follow @SPMLIVES{also a twitter button on the right} it is the official twitter account for the LP Son Of Norma 

It was all I had, but I spoke to Bing again. I let him know that everyone is anxious to hear from him. He promised me he is on another blog asap. And unless you all wanna know what Bing says to me on a personal  level? If you all do wanna hear about some of our convo let me know on the comments and I'll share. It is not nothing to special for the most part he encourages me to get goals in life.
 Last but never least I wanna share about my favorite rapper he could Neva not get a mention at least. Eternal aka Mr Neva Die and Ese Loc also known as the Latin Embassy group out of Dallas Texas are dropping a greatest hits album. I know I'm excited. It should be soon as well. Here's the cover art for that project. Shout out to Jim Smith from Pearl Base Records, who created this banging cover. I love it. So gangster, I know, for real though. This music is legendary in Texas so you all make sure to support. #Player Race

Okay so I've been in super gloomy, emo, damn near mad woman status for quiet some time. I would say over a year.I have come to a conclusion , The whole Law of attraction has to be scientific fact. So Bing and Los have been rapping about the penitentiary since their first tracks. Now you think that is coincidental, or plain just attracting that shit to yourself? Maybe some of us were just meant to live that life style to show the rest what not to do with your life. Nah don't let Los read this shit, he would be upset with me. I'm just saying maybe some of us are destined since elementary to see the penitentiary. On that note I"m out, My next blog should be more interesting.We will see. See you all around, Ghetto girl Mari. So I changed it up, very little  and added a video. Thank you all.

Hit up Roger Paiz FB as well as Roger Paiz Designz

Cool video from Instagram Follow @gucci_gus

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New Video

"Move It" (Pablo Piccasso ft. Trill Menace & Eter…:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014



hit up for dope graphics.

 In the middle of several failed attempts of writing a blog, I received a phone call from Los. We spoke about alot of things. Some are personal and all about my crazy life, eventually I will share with y'all. For now let's talk about the goods. After he felt confident that I heard him, we discussed music. Plans for future projects he had in mind; I can help share with his fan base. As soon as I know they are officially in the works I'll post. SPM and his world are very delicate. I didn't want to speak on The SON but I did ask him, like I told a few people I would, so the definite date is up in the air like it has been for years! But there is a tentative date for the beginning of September, possibly the end of August. Now I know we've all been waiting. Some more then others. All I can say is Carlos is a perfectionist and it won't be released until SPM and Dope House feel it's perfect. Just hang in there F.A.N.S Los needs our support now more then ever. Also at the request of a fan, I asked him if he had ghost written Lost by Gorilla Zoe and he replied and I quote "No, I didn't write that song, I can write that song in my sleep." It wouldn't be Los if he didn't keep it real. Carlos also discussed Rap Gods, remember people Los is very honest;(disclaimer) Los said that as far as battle rap he considers himself to be the best, he said that the best rapper in the world is Eminem in general. Los wants to battle rap Eminem so if any of y'all know him please let him know. Seriously, Los also told me that as far as heartfelt rap he thought Tupac was number one. Grimy, gritty rap he thought Notorious. I was like, "What about Nas?" He replied that Nas only had Iillmatic and after that he got weak. I had no understanding cause I love Nas. Oh yeah he answered my question about his reference on Must Be High about Thirstin Howl the III. It is about the rich guy in the show Gilligan's Island. So my know-it-all bunkie from prison Janice, was right. Carlos said he's never even heard of a freestyle rapers named Thirstin Howl the III. To read more about this topic go to the following link;

Other then that, that's all the SPM updates I can share. The rest of the questions will be answered as soon as possible. I spoke to Bing he assured me that he would send me a post. I know he will it's just a matter of time. He is busier now that he is in population. He just got a twenty day break from school, so he might be able to catch up on his mail. Bing insisted on writing the blog instead of me just posting for him It was dope talking to both Texas Legends, I don't even believe it myself most times! On our last phone call  Bing rapped a bit of  Pound 4 Pound. His voice is amazing, I told Bing "You so H-Town you naturally Screwed and Chopped." He laughed and replied, "My voice is raspy." He also told me that when he recorded Pound 4 Pound he was just messing around just to see what he could do. Filero recorded him without him knowing. So one of Bing's best freestyles was born from a practice round so to speak. His new EP is going to be released by Filero. Bing confirmed the date, According to what Filero said, it will be dropped August 21, 2014! I hear myself talk\write about Los, Bing, Filero, Rasheed. And I think how did I get to this space where I'm consorting with H-Town most musical talent. It happens I suppose. It really is amazing When one can experience it. A little tribute to one of Los and Bing's favorite DJ Screw. June 27!

 The Article was posted by   _southparkmexican_ follow if you're on IG
Also follow @gucci_gus one of SPMs
biggest supporters.




Moving on, can't leave without mentioning my boy Eternal Aka Mr. Neva Die. He discovered that his Paystyle video was featured in a gangland video. Before I post I must say that either Eternal or any of the rappers in the video, or myself, are in no way, shape or form affiliated to Tango Blast, or the Gangland show,

The whole reason for posting this video is due to the producers using Paystyle; Eternal's video for their show. It's wild but it's kind of cool. So if you haven't seen Paystyle, watch now so you can see that they sampled it.

I also want to share with you all the LP cover for Eternal's newest project #Tyrant which will be coming soon. I can't wait to hear it. The cover work was done by Jim Smith. Major shout out to dasugarman.pearlbaserecords   who manages both Eternal aka Mr. Neva Die and Jim Smith as well as, other artist. For any serious inquires of either artist call Dasugarman at the following number:

Anyway before I went into advertisement mode I was sending a major shout out, All the gentleman above are very humble supporters of SPM. I have never seen supporters be so quiet about what they do for the movement. Jim, Eternal and Dasugarman have been supporting SPM and his music for years. They keep it on the low, now I'm putting them on blast. I just want to say I have mad respect for all three of them for the way the carry themselves and their careers #Salute
Aside from the fact that I like the music, anyone who goes as hard for SPM as they do deserves my support and the support of all the fans. Next my playlist number two. Here it goes.

    No.1 Latin Embassy

Fast Life (feat. Ese-Loc, Eternal, Eddie, Big Cease & Mr. Luni) (4:43)

No. 2 let-the-games-begin-eternal

No. 3 diamonds-when-i-swang-vago-and

No. 4 lucio-thugmex/l-thugmex-ft-eternal-hataproof-certifyed-slow-music

No. 5 dirty-souf-Mexican 

The following are Eternal's Mix Tapes download for free.

Photo:⬅ download

Front Cover

Front Cover

Front Cover

Okay folks just wanted to make sure you all get a chance to catch up on most of Eternal's music repertoire before he drops his #Tyrant LP

Jim Smith Track

So there you have it folks, my little blog that has taken me forever to write. My best friend told me I am having writers block. Now that I sit here, I think he was right. I'll get my grove back by next blog. Till then see you all next time, thanks for reading and everything else. Peace and #FREESPM #FREEBING

Sporting their Dope House Chains Smitty and Carolyn

If interested in original artwork, letter decal from Sambo hit me up. He draws all original letters. I can get it if you need it.


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The Men In my life

Mi Casa Radio Freestyle by none other then that boy Rasheed!
Rasheed outdoes himself on this freestyle,  Raw talent is evident, I love when the beat starts and he hops on that mother like it's his last form of  transportation ever! Damn sorry I love hip hop; this is the art form at it's best! Major #salute to Rasheed for just being a monster talent. I'm like on groupie mode, "We love you Rasheed ahhhh." Just kidding.  Next

Catch Rasheed on Facebook: Rasheed of Dope House Record/ CEO 21st Century Ent.

We all know that this blog is intended for Carlos and the Dope House Family, and anybody in relation to SPM somehow, someway. Well lucky for me all the rappers that I like are! I
know I show preference to certain artist, it's the artist that I feel deserve the most acknowledgement from me. And well the one's that I listen to the most. Which brings me to my next person that I have so much respect for, both artistic and personal. Now you all might not agree with me but my boy
 Jason Brisbois who we all know as the one and only Eternal Aka Mr. Neva Die is a hidden treasure in Texas. Two things I'm sure of in this world; one I have excellent taste in music, and two I'm Mexican.

Hata Proof Click- Eternal Aka Mr. Neva Die-Big Cease-Luni Mofo-Kriminal-Braze 1
This right here is all the lyrical, raw, real, rap, put that Texas flavor and voila it's a master gangsta track! I must admit I barely jumped on board for this track but I got an excuse I've been locked up for the greater part of the last decade. What's your excuse? If you all want the track it's on Eternal's  Best of Mix tape. I know right? Here's the link:
My playlist staring Eternal Aka Mr. Neva Die:
3. My Money 
 5. When you come home

 So that is part 1 of my list next blog will have part 2, you all might as well get on board cause once I'm passionate about an artist it's over. Look what happened when I got passionate about SPM, Bing, Rasheed, all them mofo's are my friends. You know how mind blowing that is? I'll tell you later!
Next on my list is the realest Mexicano in the world, I'm not even exaggerating.
 Mr Nava Hata Proof  or the name below both are his Facebook pages of course! Here goes the story, or la historia
    Israel .Nava was born in a pueblo Yuriria del estado de Guanajuato on April 4, 1984 I grew up in a Ranch named El Salteador,, since I was a young child I enjoyed music. Only it was Los corridos, his cousins llama y Tirras used cans of Jalapenos as instruments. Nava and his cousins memorized all the songs or Corrido's  by Grupo Exterminador. As a child he would like to get into physical altercations with other kids, as well as his own cousins. Sometimes he would win and sometimes he would lose badly. The first rap song he heard was:
                                                       Molotov  Give me the Power

From that day forward he began to like that style of music, the other group he would listen to:
At the age of 14 I chose to cross the border into Arizona. I ended up In Houston Texas where I had a brother and two sisters. In 1999 Houston Texas ( home of Screwed and Chopped music)  was the year that DJ Screw was taking over the music scene. I would hang out at the flea markets Saturday and Sunday at the Dope House Records booth where I met SPM's dad. Arthur Coy and I became good friends. Sometimes I  would be left to man the D. H.R. booth. Mostly when Maria the employee  who manned the booth would go roll. After sometime the I-35 Boyz showed up at the same flea market I became good friend s with Big Cease, Braze One and Eddie, I always enjoyed Hata Proof's music. I would take the Hata Proof music to school and lend it out to friends. Some would like it, some would not. I always have been faithful to Hata Proof During that time I would Invite them to parties I would have, to bust flows sort of like battle raps. When Big Cease Moved from that flea market; it was months before I ran into him again at the  59 and Little York Flea Market. I began to  hang out there and one day in 2007 I got the courage to ask Cease if I could record a song with him, that's where it all began. It came to the point where I was able to collaborate with  in 2 songs with the famous  Mexicano Cartel De Santa
 Si Somos Callejeros a big hit in  Mexico and the USA,
From there I was able to release hits like Ink my whole body, Money Dinero, Los caminos de mi vida and many more. I will be releasing the LP Libertad which will include the hits
Contra la ley
Both these songs above will be in the LP Libertad to learn more go to the Facebook Page or the links prior. 
There it is the story on another Rapper that I have discovered thanks to my obsession with SPM, The reason that I like Nava so much is because he is true to his roots which any proud Mexican can relate to. My favorite song is the following:
This heart felt jam speaks to the soul if you aren't really Mexican it would be hard to relate to so there is my disclaimer.

For the final segment of this blog I was able to speak to both SPM and Bing on the phone. Talking to SPM was unreal he's very normal and very polite he communicates like myself, proper English with that ghetto slang we can never get rid of. Bing on the other hand was crazy I heard his voice and got goose bumps because it's so baritone and unique sound exactly like on his LP or songs. When I get more time with each one of them on the phone I will be able to pass along more information. The Son of Norma LP good luck trying to get that date out of anybody. On that note I'm out my G's I'll be blogging soon. Thank you so much for reading the fan who had the question for Bing will be answered as soon as they hit the mailbox, Bing is so content with the way these blogs  are turning out. See y'all soon, Ghetto girl Mari. #FREE SPM


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Really Realest Post

adjective \ˈrē(-ə)l\

: actually existing or happening : not imaginary

: not fake, false, or artificial

: important and deserving to be regarded or treated in a serious way

My best friend said to me, "perception is reality" so this is how I perceive life. The term "real" is said so much it has actually lost it's value and definition. SPM is on top of my list of people I could define as real. Take a serious look into his life, you will start to see that at the very least ninety-five percent of what SPM has ever put down on a song, or said in any occasion can be considered gospel I've been known to be observant by nature which means since SPM been rapping I've been paying attention. The lyrics have remained consistent, you tell me who can keep an act up for so many years?
This is the formula: Be genuine, be honest, and show love, especially to those who hate on you so much they can't stand to see you make any progress! Taking credit for what others do will get you nowhere, lying about yourself will destroy your identity, and just plain using SPM to get popularity will get you on the chump list quick! I like to brag about my life and my association with Carlos and his people, my life has been a complete downward spiral until 2 years ago, so hell yeah I'm going to brag about my dreams coming true! When I started this blog I hadn't yet communicated with Carlos, now I communicate with him almost every week. I never lied about it, in my mind me and Carlos have been homies since the day I first heard his music, but reality is that I spent the majority of my life higher then the sky, and I always had an intention to make my way into Carlos's life via letters, but then I got high, again and again. It wasn't untill I went on a 4 year and 2 month hiatus that I was able to come out and follow through on simple task such as writing Carlos a letter, or obtaining employment! So everytime something cool happens to me I'm going to post that shit on every social network available to me. It will never be a lie though and that is my whole point to my rant.

I haven't been able to post about SPM because I won't post personal business or business that is not my place to be posting in the first place! WWW.SPMAFTERMATH.COM Is the main source for information that is correct on Carlos Coy. Until he says otherwise and he will soon!
Good news is I got a letter from Bing, and Bing like yours truly, has a ready to share lifestyle. Let me just say that I will edit his blog this time, due to the fact that I don't want to blatantly disrespect someone I don't know. With that said let's go! Bing has been let out of segregation. Therefore his address has changed. I will post it here somewhere. ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
Raymond Ayala #1161502
Ramsey 1
1100 FM 655
Rosharon, TX 77583
Just incase any of y'all want to contact him. I'm happy to say that he sounds in great spirits, he informed me that he is only thirty minutes from Houston, which benefits him in many ways. Number one: he gets to see his family quite often, he is able to get radio stations from H-town, as well as, watch TV, he watches NBA games on ABC because they do not have cable. He is also getting day room and rec-room privileges with some close friends. Needless to say I am happy for him. If y'all do write him, make sure and encourage him to do well, he said the food is better and he's exercising so he has gained eight lbs. Okay lets move on to the good stuff. I asked Bing three questions that a fan asked. Anonymous, of course, asked:
Q. What artist and famous people did Bing get to meet during his time in the music scene?
A. DJ Screw, Lil Keke, Big Moe, Lil O, Producer Edgar J Hoover, Frankie J, Bash, Los, Happy P. I was amongst plenty other people, certain actors and stuff. But I was stuck in the streets plus I was locked up. So my time in the music scene was very short, but managed to cause a huge impact. Without reaching my full potential.
Q. What were the Screwston Volume 3 recordings like?
A. I don't like this question. But I'll answer it cause people need to know how raw the game can be. All my recordings on Screwston Volume 3, with the exception of two songs "Mafioso" and "Fuck That" were recorded for other purposes. Like mine and Villains Pound For Pound Album that never happened. I didn't know anything about the Screwston Volume 3 project, cuz the deal was done under the table. I was an artist at Shut'Em Down Records. So it was their responsibility to inform me, with anything involving my music. How I found out about Screwston Volume 3 is I was at a Sound Waves in the South East and I noticed a purple album with posters and a real nice set up. I picked it up and saw Dope House and Shut'Em Down Record logo on it and checked the songs and features. Out of fourteen songs on that album, I was on nine songs and I had the most features on that album. I was fucked up about the bizness part. So I called Ikeman who's supposed to be my cousin and the _____ ass _____ told me Dope House had a check for $800.00 punk as dollars for nine features that were high jacked behind my back. I asked for some copies of the album to give to close loved ones, and again I was pointed towards Dope House's way. I went back to the same Sound Waves and all of the Screwston Volume 3 was sold out like in two days. I had to go farther out my way and purchase some copies of some shit I'm on just to give to some loved ones. That was the end of my relationship with Shut'Em Down.
Q. Do you think you could've been one of Houston greatest rappers of all time, had you not been incarcerated?
A. I don't think it, I know it. I accomplished alot underground and I wasn't even dedicated to it. Should've been, I was just having fun fucking bad bitches, going out of town, running the streets pushing crack, kicking doors, really fucking my life up. But you couldn't tell a young nigga shit.
If I would of focused on my music and really dedicated myself. My full potential would of took me places beyond my wildest dreams. My old music is still relevant. But since I've been gone these past twelve years I've been going hard. I'm an untamed beast and boys ain't ready!! Niggas might be sizing me up off my old 2002 flow. But I promise if you stand In front of me on the MIC imma run that bullshit over. Don't sleep on this throwed Meskin cause I'm a monster straight like that. Bing added "You said most of my fans post under anonymous, maybe that's the name of one fan posting all of the comments, or maybe all my fans are on the run from the law lol, I have a cold 40 for Los, Maybe you and him can put it out there, alright I'll close here so I can copy this 40 much love homegirl outro Bing"

"Drinkin A 40 with Los"
Los pass the 40 can I chug the rest if it?
I'm hearing alot of chatter, you know I luv to wreck a bitch
These boys don't wanna battle with the ruffest Mexicans
Y'all bugs to some heavy weights, that was stomped by elephants
Got a taste of my revelation and couldn't stomach the testament
cuz when devil strikes they better come with an exorcist
its scary when I wake Up on'em with the longest Berretta clip
just to pop his cherry like a woman that's celebate
Homie shouldn't of plexed with them 2 illegal wicked men
after Los took his necklaces I put'em to sleep on a riverbed
these haters need salvation and I'm Jesus's middle man
in relation to death I'm the reapers sibling
so in homage to Easy-E and his Comptom Geez
Gangsta Rap forever lives thru the songs of Bing
First time i touched the MIC i took a quantum leap
my lyrical inter-prize call it sodomy
A prodigy in the vocal booth you know how many glocks i squeezed?
Knew I was gon murk the game that was profecey
over the streets like an impalas rim when its cocked on 3
I know what Pac would think you fake thugs are not no Geez
soft as sitting ducks Snow white within a town that's painted red
You can pretend you ain't the prey to a predators daily bread
send the team to snap of his vessels and take his head unleashing holly hell while the blue devil awaits in seg
you Hiroshima after the impact of an atomic bomb
or ramadons war casualty under Islamic laws
before he even entered this marathon he was cottonmouth
locked in a torture chamber choking off the toxic clouds
and Mari posted a blog about it compliments of Los and Bing
behind these segregated walls trying to fix these broken dreams
you marks just target practice the other end of a glowing beam with this croam machine his whole team will do the shoulder lean
so homie see dont ever compete with a legend its like your on death row getting lethal injection
people question how come Bing so much of a thug?
cause ever since Volume 3 I've been stuck in the mud
you get the bizness when i bust a slug Entrepe- shooter
snatch your tounge out your mouth like the Columbians do'em
thinking your album hot but theses guns have cooler
that's the reason Bing and Los the most wanted in Houston.

I thought that was pretty dope, and he put my name in the cold 40, that's an honor. Who am I kidding those are bragging rights! Anyway I can't be my usual hilarious self so I'm bounce but before I go. Filero mentioned today that he is in the process of putting out an album of Bing's music. It should be done by his birthday! We will see. That would be epic Filero said and I quote "it's jammin'" Thank y'all for reading my blog on realness awareness day peace Ghetto Girl MARI

Thursday, May 29, 2014

"My Money" - Hata Proof Click - Eternal, Big Cease & Mr. Nava

Check it out my boy Eternal I told y'all my boy was a playa in the rap game. He's on his way to Underground Rap Royalty.
Hata Proof Records is doing the damn thing, I'll be blogging soon until then bang this and share people, yours truly Ghetto Girl! Go like the page on FB below is the link.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Neva Die Soldiers

Hello fam I am back to continue from the last blog, I know it took me forever..

First things first, I wanna say that after this last blog I admire Bing even more, the fact that he can rise above racism even in prison (where the politics oppress us even further) is the trait of a real leader! It's not hard to lose oneself in that place! I'm glad that our Texas, Latin, living, legend Bing can keep himself true. I myself think that racism is the most ignorant thinking mankind has inherited to us. For race is nothing but geography and nothing else. At least that's the way I perceive it We are not pure anything, don't get me wrong I'm proud to be Mexican, but if you know my culture's past, you'll know that some of us are mixes of Spanish, Native Mexican, and African. Them Spanish, French folk came and mixed in with the Natives of Mexico. Plus they had boats with African slaves. They did that in many more countries not just Mexico, including the good ole US of A! So why do we have all this ignorant racism instilled in us? Ask google, I myself chose to rise above it a long, long time ago, I hope alot of you can do the same!

Okay that was my SPM-help-others deed for the month. Now that we got through that. Bing answered a few questions for his fans:
First question, "what was it like when you (Bing) and SPM were in the country together?"
Bing replied, " we weren't in the same tank together, Los was segregated. I was in a tank with other fools, we were on the same floor, and I would fly kites to him and he would hit me up too. We both got visits alot. Since he was in seg he had to get his visits in the legal booths right in front of visitation. So I would walk by and see him, we'd chop it up a little bit but the laws in our country jail are some hoes. So there wasn't too much we could do."
Next question "Is there any unseen footage of Bing?"
Bing replied: " yes there is unseen footage of me but it's difficult to get. I'm not sure if my kenfolk still has some cuz he hasn't responded yet. But my home girl does. Just have to convince her to let me get it."
And in regards to his case it is on stand still due to lack of an attorney.

So in the picture you'll see where he corrected me on my mistakes! From the blog Bing's Top Five.
Other then that Carlos and I have some projects in the works as well for all the fans so stay tuned.

On to my next rapper/ friend my boy Eternal Mr. Neva Die I would like to share with you all the links to his Mix tapes remember peeps they are free for download so check them out they feature many artist from Texas and of the likes of Rasheed, Carolyn Rodriguez, Vago, Nava, Pancho TNT, and many more. Here are the links; to the first one:

Second one:

Third one:

Fourth one:

Also check out the SoundCloud

If you all love me which I know you all do, please go like Eternal's page on Facebook

You all make sure and check out my boy Eternal, he fixing to blow up the rap scene. Eternal has been in the game for over a decade and is a Texas Latin OG don't get left behind check out all his music!

thank you all for reading the blog of a Ghetto girl peace

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bing and Dope House Anecdotes

Yo yo what's the damm deal? The picture above was created by my boy Sickest Villain it is very appropriate for this blog because the following are anecdotes on Bing and his life and times. I warn you they are a tiny, tiny bit explicit. No one under 18 read this (wink wink) Let's go:

"The Train Tracks"
After a show in the Southwest of H-Town me and Baby Bash tag teamed some females out there. The next morning they dropped us off at the Dope House, where we met up with Los. I had a deuce of drank left so we stopped at the store and I poured up a twenty oz. Tahiti trying to stretch the game since it was my last. So we rode out we were creepin through the back streets behind the Dope House, where there's alot of train tracks. We're in a small SUV and as you approach the tracks the street goes up like a ramp. My nigga Los says "I always wanted to do this in one of my movies," as he smashes on the gas we're probably going between 30 and 40 MPH when we hit the tracks. The damn SUV flies off all four wheels and we catch hang time for a couple of seconds and I'm shocked, surprised, awestruck. Like, "what the fuck just happened? SPM done lost his damn mind, we ain't in no got damn movie, this is real life homie!" All of the sudden we make impact! Boom the SUV lands and we bounce. All our heads hit the roof of the SUV. My pour up flew all over the place, all on SPM, Bash and me. But to my surprise Los maintained control and we didn't crash. We all laughed, but in the back of my mind I was fucked up about wasting my drank that I barely got a sip of. "Thanks alot Los for fucking my drank off, and I didn't appreciate being a crash test dummy on your crash course jumping train tracks. Next time you plan on doing something like that and I'm with you, please give me the option to get out. So I can walk over the train tracks, and meet you on the other side. Thanks for the memory though you did that."

"The Club that wasn't a club"
I just bonded out of jail so I had to catch a flight from Houston to Corpus Christi to catch up with the tour. They was in a little town outside Corpus. Me and my kenfolk decided to pop an EXO (exctasy) before we got on the flight. When we got in the air I jump on the phone and my niggas are at the hotel with some females in that town. They jump on the phone talking freaky, saying they are waiting on me to pull up. In the middle of my convo the stewardess comes and tells me I can't use the phone while in the air. So I hang up, as soon as she leaves I call back to resume my hot topic with the same females. The stewardess comes back and says I must get off the phone, cuz it's fucking with the planes frequency. And if I get on it again, they'll have to confiscate my phone. I hang up all mad and want to land. It was a short flight from Houston to Corpus Christi. So as we're landing this country ass male voice comes on the speaker giving fun facts about Corpus. Taking bout "Welcome to Corpus Christi, home of the Whataburger." I was like, what the fuck, I ain't know Whataburger started it's franchise in Texas, much less in Corpus. We get out and try to catch a bus to that town, to try to catch up with the tour, but they say we just missed the last bus for the day by about twenty minutes. So I get a room at the Days Inn downtown and I'm like fuck this; I'm full of EXOS , no weed, no females, stuck in a room full of kenfolk. I tell my nigga lets go find a club down here or something. So we take off walking. From a far distance we see this like two-story building with neon lights glowing all over. So we start walking that way. As we approach close we realize its a got damn Whataburger. I just look at my kinfolk and in a mocking country voice I say "Home of the Whataburger." ha

HRD was my alter ego on-line in the sex chat rooms. It stood for hard rock D, but everybody would just called me hard to make it simple. I would only jump on-line at the studio cuz its the only place I would be at night that had a computer. (cell phones didn't have internet back then) My boy Filero introduced me to it, and I ran with it. That shit was like an addiction. At first I wasn't getting no play. Nobody knew me so I'd be like "what's up anybody wanna fuck around?" Nothing. Then I'd say "Damn everybody around me just gonna have an orgy and leave me standing only to watch, got damn i'm hard!" Nothing! Finally I started getting all the action! Then it hit me like a storm I was getting all the action going to private rooms with 3-4 females doing the fool. Yeah I was hooked. My boy Nutzo tried to jump on-line, but wasn't getting no play. I told him, "You ain't established like me" So I let him go on-line under HRD. Soon as he came on they came flocking. One night I was acting a fool. This guys chick he was chatting with left his convo to jump in my convo, cuz I guess she liked what she was reading. That fool got mad. He started talking shit. So you know I jumped fly with him cuz it was funny to me. I was like, "You over there mad hurt cuz I took your bitch." After a while I ignored him. Then all of a sudden I was knocked off line. I didn't know what happened so I tried to log back on. It wouldn't let me log back on under HRD. So I said let me see if I could log in under another name. So I used "Cockasaurus " Ha ha it let me back in. I seen that same fool still up in there and I figured he probably was some computer, hacker, geek, who did some fly ass computer shit to knock me off line. So I typed in all caps HRD LIVES, HRD LIVES. ...... Everybody started laughing like "Look it's hard. " Unfortunately HRD didn't live much longer after that cuz I ran up the phone bill too high at the studio. I got banned from the computer.
"Acid Trip pt. 1"
We done a show in Victoria Texas, at the Sun Valley Ranch, and me and everybody we rolled with from Shut'Em Down dropped a hit of acid. After the show I exit out the back door and see some cop cars. So I climb up top and start putting dents on the roof of them stomping, on my above the law type shit. Mari and Pimpstress see me and are like, why is Bing always fucking up. Lol. Mari was a promoter and was probably tripping cuz she was thinking the heat was gonna come down on her. But it was dark. They probably didn't realize their cars had dents on the roofs til the next day. We getting ready to roll out. So I open the door to the van to hop in and my nigga Villain is getting head from some chick. She hops out, we hop in and head to this one fools ranch who invited all of us for some Menudo. Me and my potna Vato Mike are strapped up. I got a nickel plated Nina, and he has a black one. When we get there, there is older guys kinda patrolling the ranch with guns on them too. I remember going inside with Pimpstress and a few other people. Alot of people stayed outside. The acid is starting to hit hard now. I don't think Pimpstress even knew I was on one. I was offered some Menudo which I politely refused as I started feeling claustrophobic like a mother fucker. I was bout to go outside when the owner asked us to sign autographs on the wall in his kids room. He leads the way down the hall and I'm right behind him. He must've been fucked up cuz he opens the door to the wrong room. Which was a room filled from top to bottom with dope. He's like "that's the wrong room," smiling he opens the door to the right room. We signs his kids wall, but only thing on my mind is this dope. I was already thinking bout a major. I wanted to jack this fool now. When I went outside to see if I could come up with a master plan, I see the security guys, who suddenly didn't look like security guys anymore. These guys were hired guns probably part of a cartel or some shit. I realized this was one jack move I'd never be able to survive through. So that idea automatically flew out the window. We all jump back in the van. Its me, Lucky, Vato Mike, Rintin, Birdman Mario, and some other people I can't remember. We all on acid laughing. So I start rankin on Birdman Mario cracking jokes about his little skull cap he made from a sleeve of a thermal shirt, like he was in county jail or some shit. I started saying he looked like he was from Saudi Arabia. So I called him Sabu. Told him he was gonna be on an album cover on a flying rug. The name of the album was going to be "Down South Sabu" So we all ridding down on Birdman and my nigga Vato Mike is looking to serious, when he tells me, "What's up these fools laughing at me or what?" As he was reaching for his strap. I'm thinking like,"Please don't let my nigga trip out on this acid and start spraying everybody in the van. While we on the highway." I had to tell him, "Naw we getting on Birdmans ass right now, you just tripping out on that acid. Don't let it fuck your mind up." He's like, "alright". Ten minutes later he leans over again and says, "I think these fools are laughing at me." I had to tell him, "Naw my nigga I fucks wit'cha. I ain't gonna let nobody shine on you like that, plus we both strapped so we good." I think that calmed him down, soon as he realized he wasn't by himself, and I was on his team cuz he never said anything else or even smiled. I was on high alert the whole drive back, and couldn't wait get out that van. That acid had my nigga on another level. That was a situation that almost ended very bad for all of us. I saved some lives that night. And them niggas ain't even know it. And through the whole thing I wad tripping like a mother fucker. Ha ha.
"On The Radio"
The first time I heard one of my songs on the radio was an awkward moment. I was in the Southwest of Houston at Happy P's apartment with my kenfolk. A DJ at the radio station for the House Party named Homie Marco (who now works out here in San Antonio; I'm always hearing him on the radio in the club, I'll be like that's my nigga right there even though he left H-Town) played "South Side Mexican" for the first time and we had a heads up, that he was fixing to play it. So me, my kenfolk and Rasheed jump in the car so we can catch it. We make the block and a cop hits his lights behind us. As we're getting pulled over, come to find out Rasheed was riding dirty with a pistol which surprised me. Soon as the law is walking up to the car "Southside Mexican" starts playing on the radio. I couldn't even enjoy my first time hearing myself on the radio. Cuz for one I don't like being around cops. And two my nigga Rasheed was skitzin like a mother fucker in the back seat with a pistol in his backpack.
"The Riot I Never Started"
I got up around 8.00 AM that morning got myself together and surf the radio stations. Houston's 102.1 R&B was coming in, and being that out here in San Anto anytime a Houston station comes in it's a blessing, cuz it normally doesn't last long. And depending on what cell you're in, you'll never pick it up. Some cells have really bad reception. Some really good. Everytime I move to a new cell, I look for a sweet spot to pick up the stations I like and that's a mission. Alot of times I give up. Only to find a sweet spot on some lucky fluke. Shit like my antenna will fall behind my bunk or something. And the way it lands is a perfect reception. Anyways I was in my cell getting my Keith Sweat on, pushing this pen when they rolled the door for Lunch Chow. They said our pod was gonna be first. I stayed in my cell doing my thang. Fixed me something to eat and banged out to Magic 102.1 on my headphones bent. An hour and a half later they rolled the cell doors again. Saying out for chow. I told my potna, " I thought they just went to chow first?" He said, " Naw they switched it up, our pods going last now." I closed my cell door cause I was in that player zone on some R&B station from my hometown. My potna Wayne was like, "roll to chow with me my nigga." He didn't really fuck with nobody so I told him, "fuck it get my door rolled, I'll go for a walk." He's a black brotha from Austin Texas. A few years back he was caught up in a riot and almost died cuz his brain was bleeding. He went to the hospital and wound up in a mdical unit. Then for some reason they sent him back to this same unit where he almost died. TDC is fucked up like that. They don't give a fuck if you're in danger or if someone might retaliate. So they just threw my nigga back in the frying pan. We had talks about this type of stuff and he knew I wasn't on some racial color shit. I have alot of black kenfolks, so I was raised in that atmosphere. One day I'll be eating Mexican food watching novellas that I don't understand. But that I had no choice cuz my grandma Rosie had the TV sewed up. And the next day I'll be eating pot roast, soul food playing bones or spades. We had alot of mix breeds in my fam, so I don't indulge into this prison shit. When people made up rules saying you couldn't eat with a black person and shit like that. It was probably like that for a reason, back in the days in prison. But there's no reason for it to be like that now. When I came into the system over a decade ago, I was the only Meskin with a grill in my mouth and alot of Meskins didn't like that. I had to check this one fool for saying, "Wassup with these Meskins coming in here thinking they niggas." So I told him " You ain't going to fuck with them niggas, that's wassup with them" He ain't never say shit after that. So anyway I mob to the chow hall with my nigga Wayne. I get my tray and give it away and sit at the table drinking water, waiting on Wayne to finish so we can dip out. A big commotion happens behind me and this San Anto fool tells me, " That's your homeboys." So I turn around and see alot of fighting. I get up to go see wussup, this one fool swings at me and I start boxing with this fool. Somebody dropped a tray behind me and my little homie slipped on the food. When he slipped and fell like seven or eight of us fell too. It was like a domino effect, cuz we were all bunched up. Soon as I hit the floor I land in some food and the guy I was fighting falls over my legs. I immediately raise up to my knees and start fighting again. Still my knees all of a sudden I get peppered sprayed. So everything just stops. We all hit one side they hit the other side of the chow hall. Nobody knows what happened and its real tense. I was alright til I poured a bucket of cold water over my head. Good lord why did I do that. That damn water spread the pepper spray all over and kinda aggravated that shit. I was soon blinded by it. Which was fucked up considering the situation. I trade shirts with a white potna to try to get away cuz the laws were pulling everybody out who had pepper spray on them. Unfortunately my trick didn't work and I was cuffed outside. I was told to get on my knees but I told the law, "I ain't getting on my knees." So I squatted. All my time in here I've been told to get on my knees three different times and not once have I listened to them. I squatted all three times. I got a huge complex about getting on my knees for anyone. I'll squat cuz I know they trying to secure the area, so ill meet them halfway. But if they really want me on my knees they gonna have to apply physical force cuz it ain't happening. Anyways I go to solitary confinement. When I get back there they put my black potna South Park next to me. He was in the riot too and didn't know what happened. I didn't even see him in the chow hall, so I was surprised. We talked about it like what the fuck was it over. I didn't know either. When I got to court they reads my case out to me saying me and my homeboy South Park got in a fight and started it . I told them I didn't start shit. But I still got the blame with South Park. They didn't have no cameras but since I was the only Meskin on gang file that got caught and South Park was the only black guy on gang file that got caught. These bitch as laws fabricated a story to make it sound good so they won't look like jack asses. When really they was looking like chickens with they head cut off in that bitch. Come to find out the bitch ass riot started over another guy feeling disrespected cuz somebody reached over his tray. Passing a message to someone else. Now ain't that a bitch. Here's a funny fact; the next day in solitary confinement I was bored and decided to have a little me time. Started masturbating, somebody tell me why my shit started burning? Then it hit me. Bitch ass pepper spray, guess that shit was still in the pores of my palm ha ha.

I have more so look out for the next part, it will be short, Mari here blogging out for that boy Bing peace.