For Information on how to help Carlos Coy go to WWW.SPMAFTERMATH.COM. Carlos is serving a 45 year sentence. See all the facts of his case on the same website. His mailing adress is public information #1110642 James V Allred unit 2101 FM 369 N Iowa Park Texas 76367 send your letters of support.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Public Service Announcement

Dear reader how are we today? Me I'm miserable allergies are taking me down. As you all may know The SON has been pushed back another month boooo��I know, I know I feel  your pain. I decided to inflict more pain on all of you by practicing my narrative skills and telling you all a little about myself. I'm not going to share this particular post. I'm hoping you all just stumble on the story by pure luck!
You already know my name I come from the Mexican side of the continent all my family is Mexican. My dad is from Chihuahua and my mom is from Durango. We come from many generations of broke, no hope, people. My dad did have the whole big time "Narco" thing going on, however, when my mother was pregnant from me they decided to get a divorce. Lucky me. My dad went to prison and my mother had to learn to fend for herself. We relocated to California. After that, we did what we did until my mother met a man who moved us to Albuquerque NM. I have lived here since spending time in Juarez as well, mostly summers. I loved my culture in Juarez: gangs, oldies and drugs. At fifteen I began my long lifestyle of selling crack, gangbanging and using. Before I knew it using became my main priority, it happens. In the process of a long, long never ending drug fueled party I got inducted into the system. I am proud to say I have been discharged and it feels strange to be without a PO or a warrant. All the while and for many years music became a passion I connected with SPM and his lyrics. I've been stuck there ever since. I have broadened my mind but alot of my behavior is still ghetto. I don't mind it im a real person with uncharacteristic smarts. I have   experience in the streets and in the Pen. I'm book smart and a hip hop junkie. I love history and technology, Bill Maher and the Kardashians. I have talents but I battle with addiction and depression. I do everything in extremes and don't do nothing at all. I'm a living testimony that one can be multi-dimensional. The most important thing is to find one self and the to thine own self be true. I have found my path and SPM is the Wizard of Oz, he paved the yellow brick road for me. Finding it and actually walking it are two parallel lines that never cross you gotta pick the right one. I haven't arrived yet but with some spirituality and some help from the universe I might make it. Until I do, or I go. I will forever rep SPM and all the legacy of Rappers that he has put in my path in one form or another. You all know who you are. Thanks for reading Ghetto girl inspired Peace....

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bing's Top Five

Hello my readers, I was looking at Mr. Ronnie Rey's Facebook today. He had posted a while back talking about he didn't get why people read blogs so in his honor I'm dedicating this blog post to the man himself, even though he'll never read it! Here's to you Baby Bash lol. So my re-entry into mainstream society has been really slow. I haven't quite turned back into your regular ole Ghetto girl yet. Just be patient my friends it won't be long. So you all excited about the SON? It's going to be epic. June 17 2014 right? You think I would know these things right? What I do know is that Bing is loving this whole blogging thing so here's some more info on the living legend.Here are some facts that he wrote to me himself. So here it is verbatim.....

I love peaches, peach flavored drinks, candy, basically everythang that contains a peach flavor. When I sip lean I pour up with Big Peach or A&W Root Beer Cream Soda. My favorite shoes are Jordans specifically the blue, white and grey size 13. The black and white Penny Hardaways with the blue check are my second choice. I hate onions, ranch dressing, sour cream, avocados, raw tomatoes, but I do like Sour Cream and Onion Lays potato chips, Cool Ranch Doritos and I love ketchup. I don't know I guess I'm just fucked up like that.
My favorite colors are blue, gold, and smoke grey. TV shows I fuck with are Family Guy, Two Broke Girls, and the following TV shows I grew up watching are: Fresh Prince, Jaime Fox, Married with Children, and Family Matters. The Best Books I've read are The 48 Laws of Power and The Game of Thrones series.
I'm a Leo born on August 21 1981. My favorite era of music came in the early 90's (1994) was the best. My favorite dish is babyback ribs with jumbo fried butterfly shrimp, seasoned curly fries, hush puppies.
Bing's Top Five Favorites................................
Rappers (before 2000)
1. 2Pac
2. Pharoah (Street Military)
3. Point Blank
4. Scarface
5. Fat Pat
(After 2000)
1. ZRO
2. Chamillionaire
3. Rick Ross
4. J Dawg
5. Young Jeezy
Latino Rappers
1. Grimm
2. SPM
3. Lil Villian
4. Lucky Luciano
5. Baby Bash
Female Rappers
1. The old Lil Kim
2. Mia X
3. Eve
4. Trina
5. Sole
Rap Groups
1. U.G.K.
2. Street Military
3. Bone Thugs
4. 8Ball & MJG
5. Ghetto Boys
Rap Clicks/Labels
1. Screwed Up Click
2. Death Row
3. South Park Coalition
4. Swisha House
5. Rap-A-Lot
Rap Albums
1. 2Pac All Eyes On Me
2. DJ Screw 3In The Morning
3. ZRO King of the Ghetto
4. U.G.K. Ridin Dirty
5. BG Chopper City in The Ghetto
DJ Screw Grey Tapes
1. Down and Out
2. Final Chapter
3. June 27
4. Mash For My Dream
5. Plots N Skeems
R & B
1. R Kelly
2. Kieth Sweat
3. Usher
4. Jodeci
5. Lyfe Jennings
Rock Groups
1. Metallica
2. Disturbed
3. Stained
4. Korn
5. Avenge Seven Fold
Female Crushes
1. JLo
2. Alicia Keys
3. Vannessa Hudgens
4. Kim K
5. Nicki Minaj
1. Denzel Washington
2. Al Pacino
3. Robert Dinero
4. Samuel L Jackson
5. Wesly Snipes
1. Scarface
2. Training Day
3. The Usual Suspects
4. Bound by Honor
5. Menace II Society
Comedy Movies
1. Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke
2. Friday
3. Dumb and Dumber
4. Life
5. Half Baked
Stand Up Comedians
1. Martin Lawrence
2. Richard Prior
3. Eddie Murphy
4. Bernie Mack
5. Cedric The Entertainer
1. 1979 Cadillac Deville
2. 1984 Eldorado
3. 1979 Monte Carlo
4. 1963 Lincoln Continental
5. 2010 Camero
1. Swangaz
2. Bladez
3. Lorenzos
4. Daytons
5. Titans
Sports Teams
1. Houston Texans
2. Houston Rockets
3. Greenbay Packers
4. Miami Heat
5. Texas LongHorns

There it is my friends, as you all may well know Bing is currently in segregation and he's been there since July 2012. Right now he is in the process of either getting shipped out to a program for inmates who assault officers or he can possibly stay in seg for six more months. Either way he will keep me posted and in turn I will keep you all posted. What else is new well my favorite man Rasheed has a new website here's the link check it out my Dope House Family. Bing wants his own Facebook Page would you all support it? He has alot to share with his fans. If you all can please write him or Jpay him @ Raymond Ayala #1161502 Connally Unit 899 FM 632 Kenedy Texas 78119
Thank you all for supporting yours truly Ghetto Girl Inspired Mari!!!!!!
PS to read on Bing's appeal go here:


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On the front line with Bing

Like anyone else I'm happy my debt is paid. You're welcome society. Have to be sarcastic right? Thanks to all who held it down but specifically to my lil sis Liz the math wiz. Without her my blog would have not been posted. I wrote this poem for Los and I would love to share it with you'all.

Dope House family, illegal amigos
from Texas to Cali throwed ass stilio
on the block of rock there's a drunk man talking
you know my name I ain't never stopped rappin'
habitual criminal, children of the ghetto
don't let the system ghettotize your mind
never stop never settle
Time is money and dope sells itself
Filthy rich with no real wealth
Family is love and love is everything
Screens falling from the sky never solved anything
Woodsin n worthin what the fuck is that?
who cares that's a dope ass track
working the nightshift sillouettes errwhere we go
Dope House mind plus medecine is evil
Something about Mary or maybe about Mari
you'll never know 'less you read SPM Diarys
Follow my lead to Broadway where the Dope stays fiery
Riddla on the roof plus he strapped and deadly
watch out for his troops most unfriendly
When Devils Strike its money that they after
If I Die shoot them greedy batards
In my hood lives The ghost he's steady reppin' the what? Third coast
It ain't where you're from its where you at
Ghetto imprisonment is whack like the crack that is served on every corner
Don't let them fool you The Wizard of OZ is the owner
this poem I wrote for THE Hillwood Hustler
his Streets on beats supply every loyal customer
There you have it my friends on to the next one Bing wrote this for his fans it goes as follows....
I was born in HTX St. Josephs Hospital and lived in both the Southeast and 2nd Ward. My whole family are from 2nd Ward, but I was born and raised in Southeast Ingrado Heights since my mom and my grandma lived there. I would always spend time at my cousins houses in 2nd Ward , also as I got older and expelled fro Deady Middle school, I was forced to enroll in schools in the 2nd Ward using my dad's moms adress. So in essence 2nd Ward is my second home. My dad is a day one 2nd Ward street nigga whom's had his history of addictions, but I love him. He gave me the tough love and I use to be fucked up about certain things til I realized as I grew up how the streets can swallow a real nigga whole. So I respect my father for being true to his hood and this street life. It all comes with the territory. My mother done alot for me and I put her trough hell. She showed me that gutta love. She taught me how to roll her joints in the 80's. One of my first baby words I was taught was " nickel pack" 'cause my mom sold weed troughout the 80's and 90's. I use to get a weekly allowance of a sack a week, a fat ass dub 'cause my mom got tired of me going in her stash and pinching her shit. We use to get blowed on the couch while her and my grandma watched novelas. She showed me the art of hustling. She had a job, and was getting food stamps while she sold dope. Before she got busted with some pounds in Willow Creek aka Willow Crack Apartments. They found out she was getting down on the government so they snatched us off welfare. I remember 'cause I went to Sanchez Elementary and found out I was no longer on free lunch. My baby sis Lisa too. From that day in the 4th grade I had to go to school with a dollar just to eat lunch. My first felony was in 6th grade at Deady Middle School. Agrravated Assult I pistol whipped this P.V.L (puro vato loco) rival gang for plexin' with my homeboy Joe Campos who's a successful, positive, influence in my life today, as he changed his life and went to the Navy. They found the .25 Automatic in my locker. I remember my teacher standing in the classroom doors in the hall with shocked expressions. I'll never forget that moment, as it was a turning point for me. I went to juvenile, T.Y.C. County Jail and prison. My baby sis Lisa that's my twin. 2 1/2 years younger then me but thugged out all the same. She had a mental breakdown around 2006-2007, and I don't know how all that mental health stuff works, but she's a soldier still battling. I was influenced to Rap by Grimm. Grimm and my cousin were putting it down in the hood, so me and my everyday nigga lil Jake would freestyle over Screw tapes and stuff just clowing around. Lil Jake got certified in '96 when we were 14 years old. He was charged as an adult for blasting some P.V.L.'s that was plexin' on me and him that night with a .38 revolver, that we named "BJ" for Bing and Jake. I wound up in T.Y.C. that same year a few month later for selling a stolen truck to a chopshop. It was in T.Y.C. that I picked up my rap\freestyle skills. We had no radios so all I was able to do was rap old songs I knew and just zone out on my own lil freestyles. My black partna "PA" for Port Aurthur TX used to like freestyling too . So that became my lil rap homie who'd I go back and forth with. By the time I got out I was ready for the studio. I didn't get my break til '99 when my cousin got me in Jam Down studios where Lil KeKe had his first label. My nigga Filero was an inhouse producer so I wound up in this compilation with alot of H-Town Southside niggas. S.U.C. and shit. After that things kinda just took flight on their own. I never thought of trying to make a rap name 'cause honestly I wasn't taking it seriously. It never crossed my mind to think of any name. Everybody knew me as Lil Bing since I was in pampers. Nobody calls me by my government name in my family or the streets. I've always been Bing. It was always told to me that my cousin Louie gave me that name not even really trying. Something about him playing with my ears saying Bing, Bing,Bing you know? Fucking with a baby and I would mimic those words. And something bout me hearing the icecream truck would remind me of that Bing, Bing sound so I'd say it when I heard the icecream truck. Shit just stuck so I just kept it OG from Bing,Bing to Lil Bing to now just Bing, Brave Intelligent Notorious Gangster none of that Bing Crosby shit though ha just a peak into my life much love outro.
Bing fans there is more to come #FreeSPM #FreeBing peace


Monday, December 30, 2013

You Know My Name

Did I tell you all that in the New Mexico Department of Corrections I used to be known as the "SPM girl" ? I'm sure I have. That has changed now all the girls just call me SPM. I know that's funny. Since it is a three letter acronym, my friends and I were coming up with some replacement words. Some girl suggested State Prisoner Mari #IKR. How about State Property Mexican? System Prone Mari .... All bad and a possible jinx, so I decided it should be Sans Parole Mari. That's what I will be 100% free!!

Anyhow, I was randomly rapping/singing a verse from I Must Be High during count time, which goes as follows:
"They call me Young Thirstin Howl the III and that's my word, Imma swing Imma swerve, Imma park and scrape the curb"
My know-it-all bunkie named Janice asked me, "Do you know who Thirstin Howl the III is ?" Know-it-all me replied, "Yes, a semi-famous freestyle rapper." She said, "No, Thirstin Howl the III is the rich dude from Giligans Island." I said, "Oh, well I'm sure SPM is comparing himself to the rapper." She (my bunkie) said that I was wrong and that SPM was most likely comparing himself to the character on the show. So if anybody out there knows for a fact who SPM was talking about; the rapper or the Giligans Island dude, can you please comment. I will write Carlos as well and ask him, but in the mean time maybe there is a fan out there who can school me on SPM-ology. Let me find out that I don't know everything .... Just kidding.

Speaking of SPM-ology, Mr. Young Jay played me the song Without The SON on the phone a few weeks ago. I gotta say The SON LP is going to be hard when it is completed and it hits the streets. At the time When Devils Strike was released, I was doing a year in county for being a "habitual offender." When The Last Chair Violinist came out I was doing 4 years in prison. Now that The SON is coming out, I'm back in prison killing my parole. If things go well for me and the LP gets held up by technical stuff, maybe I'll be out for this release. I know that's selfish of me but I want to break the curse of me being incarcerated when SPM LP's get dropped. It's a vicious cycle.

So a fan/reader of the blog asked if I can write more on Bing. And since he is a friend of Carlos, and he is a new friend of mine, I would be happy to tell you all what Bing writes me in his letters. Well you all know that Bing got a life sentence, which he is in the process of appealing. He doesn't give much detail on it, but he did say that there is a chance of him getting out. He is 32 years old and has been down for about 11 years, almost as long as Carlos. Him and I have one thing that bonds us, he grew up ghetto, or as he puts it "gutta". Bing is a highly intelligent individual. He is versatile, and multi-dimensional. Like yours truly. He told me that he is attached to SPM's first LP Hillwood. His favorite songs are Revenge and Smokin Fry/Drinkin Syrup. Hey, there is no such thing as a favorite SPM song Ha-Ha! Shout out to the dudes that did that YouTube video by the way. Bing's other favorite artists are Metallica, Disturbed, Aaron Lewis from stained, Easy E, Scarface, 2Pac, South Park Coalition, Point Blank, K-Rino, Street Military, Fat Pat, UGK. His major influences are a mix of all the above plus DJ Screw tapes. Bing also says a big influence is his "Big homie Grimm, who first put it down for the southeast." Also his God Brother, who is also his cousin, Richard "Money Rich" Ramos. Notice how some of the names on the influences list are on the Streets On Beats song from the Hustle Town CD. Just little things that stand out to me. Bing is currently in segregation fighting a "cell phone case." These boys from H-Town don't know how to behave themselves. That's why I love them all .... What else can I say? He told me that his success in the rap scene was very unexpected and that he was doing it for fun at first. He feels like he should have taken it more seriously. He appreciates and loves his fan base for sure, and his favorite saying is "real recognize real." Bing and I have something planned for all his fans so I won't give out anymore info. But know that you all will start hearing from him soon. Keep Mr. Raymond Ayala in you all's thoughts and prayers.

Things are going okay for me. My book about SPM is in the works. Coffee can work wonders for creativity #JustSaying. I need more material so if you all can tell my middle man Jason AKA B-Peezzy not to be slacking on my mail I would appreciate it. Just joking B-Peezzy, I got nothing but love and respect for you plus time. By the way, time is money and the Algebra formula for that is Ty=x. Which means time multiplied by years equals x amount of dollars, x is always the unknown factor. Okay, I'm just talking crazy now. Shoutout to all my people, you all know who you are. Special shout out to Carolyn AKA Medicine Girl and to my boy Rasheed. Also to Mrs. Incandesio, thanks for the X-Mas card. Maybe you all will get a picture of my remade prison cards I make to get some peace of mind ....

Untill next time. Thanks for tuning into convict hour. Still inspired and still repping for SPM. Ghetto Girl Mari peace ....
Oh yeah if I repeat myself I apologize. I, like Carlos, have a drug damaged mind #BrainCellsDontGrowBack lol!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reflections @ The Department of Corrections

     SPMers, what it be G's? So if you all know me by now, you all know that I have the dopest pen-pals in the penn, I get mail from some of the realest folks in the U-S of A! The number one being of course, that boy C. Coy. In the process of us pen-palling around, I asked him so many questions! Similar to an interview if you will: I will post a part of them now .............

GGM: 1.) Do you and Filero have beef for real?
SPM: We would do a lot better being the good friends that we were when I was free. After I got locked up, he started hating on Dope House, and saying he made the beats for "Hustle Town", which upset me. I can only be upset by those I love, and I expressed my anger by calling him a few names and setting the record straight. I deeply regret calling him names because that's not the example I wanna set for the kids who find themselves in some bullshit. But the fact remains that Filero made, or rather remixed, the drums to about five songs on "Hustle Town." I made every beat on that album except for "Ghetto Imprisonment" which was made by Chief, producer of the Texas Shootout. When I get out of prison, trust me, there will be no beef. This little bullshit is not worth someone dying for, and the only beef I get in is when someone has to hit the exit door.

GGM: 2.) Do you talk to all the Dope House Family?
SPM: I've talked to all of them, some more than others, but we don't have a lot to talk about at this point. When something goes down, when some projects need to get done we talk. When I get out of High Security Segregation I'll be talking to the DHF on a daily basis.

GGM: 3.) How's your appeal coming, if you have even filed for one?
SPM: The appeal process has failed, but there's always things you can do to continue the quest for justice. New evidence is a big one, and we've got investigators working on my case, and a team of lawyers doing the same. The process don't stop till I'm home.

GGM: 4.) How can you deal with 23 hour lock down?
SPM: Well, we go to recreation almost everyday. I get visits every weekend, sometimes eight hours a weekend. But my cell is my office. I've got paintings on my walls from some of the best prison artist in Texas. I've got a locker full of snacks, and food, and drinks. I've got my boombox, but all it plays is AM and FM stuff. Plus it has some TV channels, where I can listen to shows. You'd be surprised how, with a little imagination, you can understand movies and TV shows just as if you were watching them. But I don't have time for listening to games or shows on the radio. I mostly just turn up my shit, and work. I'm a writer, but more than just music. My dream is to be a respected author, so I read, study, and practice that plus I've got to work on all kind of Dope House related stuff. Even if there were 500 hours in a day, I still wouldn't have enough time to finish all the stuff I love to do. Other inmates may not be writers and I have no idea how they can handle their time. But I'm blessed in that my writing keeps me entertained all day long. I just crack up on all the shit that comes out of my drug damaged mind.

     There you have it folks my mini interview with the man of the hour. BTW GGM equals Ghetto Girl Mari. Carlos has wrote me a lot of cool stuff and as soon as I "touchdown," I'll post it.

     ON to my next famous T.D.C. rapper, none other than Mr. Raymond Ayala. Lil Bing himself!!! I know, I know, you wanna know how do I do it, ha-ha just like the brand Nike. LMAO anyway Lil Bing and i have been corresponding. I of course let him know that SPM  and the DHF are my obsession and that's how I heard about him. He asked me to send a message to Carlos and also informed me that he marketed himself one deep but was affiliated with Dope House Records. With that alone, he made it on my team. I know Bing has a cool fanbase, which he said he was very grateful for by the way. Bing and I have one thing in common we both claim Mr. Rasheed as a good friend. I will keep you all posted on Bing as soon as him and I both agree what exactly the fans want to know about him. Thank you all for tuning in to the Mexican Hour. If you all wanna write Bing and show your support I will post his info at the end of the blog. If you are shy and don't know how to start your letter, start by telling him that you got his info on Mari's blog. Keep this between you and I, but I'm trying to score some points. Until next time,

Ghetto Girl Inspired Mari


Raymond Ayala
Connally Unit
899 FM 632
Kenedy, TX 78119