For Information on how to help Carlos Coy go to WWW.SPMAFTERMATH.COM. Carlos is serving a 45 year sentence. See all the facts of his case on the same website. His mailing adress is public information #1110642 Wallace Pack Unit 2400 Wallace Pack Road Navasota, Texas 77868 send your letters of support. Just a reminder that Carlos receives anywhere from ten to twenty letters a day, make your letter count.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Poor Kids

The Day of unity

Blogging is obviously one of my avenues to this world I find myself in, this world where all you dreams are liable to come true. But wait have I ever had any real dreams. I think since I was a child my dream has been to be financially stable, I still have this dream today as we speak. I never dream of going to Dope House Records or kicking it with all the artist and family of my boy Los, I did have a dream to speak to him and meet him. My dream for the Day of Unity could never exist in my pessimistic mind. I never thought I would see Houston Texas and all of the artist that I listen to daily and talk to once in a while. Now I can't lie I didn't take advantage and take pictures with all of them why? I was so in awe and in shock and amazed at how well they knew me and how much love they showed me. I'm talking from all my fellow SPMERS, to the Dope House artist and beyond. Even the folks that didn't know me were like hi I know you. Oh my god it was insane. It was like a trip into another dimension. I wish I wouldn't have been so in shock it let me absorb the moment but It kept me from interacting more. I will never forget everything that took place that one day in October on the third day of the month in the year 2014. Gotta make it dramatic it was that serious. Let me tell you my story in pictures. 
Filero HTX Most Hated

These two are super talented, Filero is a big part of the Texas underground rap scene. That boy Filero is a legend. If you didn't know that now you know. Eternal has been a part of the underground scene for a long time very well known in his home town of Dallas Texas he makes part of the group known as Latin Embassy very cool, very good music. It was an honor to meet them both live an in color wait I
got more.

These two happen to be on that bomb as album titled Illegal Aliens That is one of the hardest underground Albums out there you must
be bilingual to really appreciate the feeling. Listen to it my favorite song on that is "Gutta" I never get tired of that jam. If  I could get myself to stop listening to The Son of Norma,I would go jam it out right now as we speak. But I'm so hooked on that SON, I have it on repeat. I also met Big Cease of Hata Proof Records, very strange to meet up with the three rappers on one of my most favorite songs.

Carlos Mtz

This kid Carlos Martinez, the reason this whole day went down. I call him Lil Los or Lil Bro, I love this kid he is a good person and his passion for this movement inspires daily. He inspired all the main players in this Free SPM movement. No matter what anyone has to say, he will always have my love and respect for making this day a real life event. All while working and taking care of his kids which he is a single father to. I admire people that handle their business and he is definitely a handler. This movement is going to get huge and crack open Los' case. When it does you always remember this little guy right here was the start and the motivation of it all. Love you Lil Bro. I will always have your back through thick and thin. 

Me and Mini he did the walk to the courthouse with me, little mini a G.
This little Gee is Shorty Beltran five year son, he held his Free SPM sign high the whole time love this little guy.
Jim Smith of PearBase Records, very talented artist, him an Dasugarman are two of the most loyal, but lowkey fans I have ever came across, complete opposite of me. So you know we get along great. Along with Eternal Aka Mr Neva Die,  Aaron G, and Nani we make what I like #THETEAM and our main goal is to, Actually I don't know what our goal is ha-ha for now it is to help Los and Bing as much as we can, real music making is in there, not by me I just, I don't know what I do. Lol

Jorge tha Promoter and I,  He is pretty established in the game, He was one of the one's that actually asked me for a picture, surprisingly to me. I was so nervous to go and I had the best time of my life. I was so happy finally got to see the Dope House, I have reflected on the situation and there's so much to say or blog, I mean the day of unity actually happened. We actually marched to the courthouse and protested. Everyone is like, when is he getting out. I am like do you have any Idea the history we just made, It is the most important step, unity now we grow in numbers and our voice will not be ignored for long. We must all participate even if it is by just sharing post signing the petitions that out there.

click here to sign #FREECARLOSCOY

This first Day of Unity was so moving we were all in great spirits, so many people recorded it and little by little they will be released. I feel Filero did a great job capturing the mood in his video watch

I think I am going to stop putting pictures they keep disappearing on me, I tried so many different ways and apparently,  I still don't know what I am doing. Just a random thought.  I finally spoke to Bing he said he will send me a blog. So let's hope he comes through before I get too crazy to blog it. I keep hearing good compliments about my blog and I just figured I would put a little  something out. On November 03 2014 we will be doing something called the Day of Unity challenge. Every single fan of SPM is asked to mail out a letter on that day so their office can be flooded for a few days after are you in? If so here's a sample letter, I will try to blog again soon. Ghetto Girl not so inspired today.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ghetto Girl Promotionz - Get it now!

Ghetto Girl Promotionz - Get it now!
you already know me. Gots to be in the mix.
The Son of Norma available everywhere get your copy. Support that boy SPM. Need promotion hit your girl Mari. My Facebook page. My Gmail don't matter. Peace Ghetto Girl inspired.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Day of Unity Announcement by DopeHouseOfficial

The Day of Unity Announcement by DopeHouseOfficial
The speech that makes you really reach deep inside and think about how we live. This speech makes me tear up. And he's been right all along he is only going to grow  in strength and in numbers. Carlos is everything he said he would be, influential with the people that he reaches, the best at his craft which is rapping, writing anything from scripts, to books to inspirational letters to his fans. I can't believe that at the start of this blog, I had never even dreamed  of corresponding with him or speaking on the phone with him (Carlos Coy) or anyone even close to his circle now I feel like him and I are good friends. Could I be delusional still? I am the type of person that can never accept a good thing.  But now I know why, letter after letter and a few phone calls later, plus 2 years worth of trauma now I get it. It is because my whole life I have been hurt and left and sat and watched everyone around me drop like flies to the "dope game" or "gangs" plus I have contributed to lots of negative and deadly activity myself.  I am
accustomed to chaos and pain and ending relationships. I am also accustomed to prison or institutional life. They broke me down then they programed me to be dependent on them for everything from opening a door to eating.  I refuse to let them win me back I don't commit crimes any longer,  of course avoiding crimes has me avoiding life but one step at a time my people.  I had decided to quit blogging, I had no inspiration or thoughts. I can't stop blogging,  or seeking a path through this world. I received the most encouraging email about my blog and it made me reevaluate my mental status. I have deep rooted issues but so does the whole entire world isn't it Freud who writes about the three traumas we all experience through life? Who cares lol my point was every single person in the world has issues the thing that sets one apart is how one deals, and how one behaves.  You can do what I do and play the pity me role, or you can go out and get it. I am currently in between phases. A lot of people want to know why we love Carlos Coy or SPM so much. How he made all these fans. It is so simple because he is a realistic writer, at one point in America, fictional writers were looked down upon like drug addicts. Carlos embodies that era. The second thing is he understands us. That's it the big secret, he understands what we are going through as humans. I repeat his big secret, he understands. Puts it down on a dope beat and voila, you got all the fans in the world.  No matter what not all of us can relate to having so much money  that you will go blow $150,000 dollars in all ones on a stripper, and not all of us can relate to waking up in a new Bugatti.  I would have to sleep first. In other words some of us have been and still are very poor or I prefer monetarily challenged. Ha my smartness is on turn up today. Must be because it's Friday.  So all types of good things have occurred while I decided to blog again. The day of unity is a big deal, I hope that it gets enough attention to make The State if Texas get their shit in order and at least look at his case. We shall remain posting #FREESPM but will we actually put that into action? I hope so.

The Son of Norma is finally here. It is already number two on Amazon s bestsellers list. I pre-ordered mine from Best Buy I will forever dislike Amazon ha ha. Carlos called me really upset that they had a snippet of his album. He manged to have them take it down omg I never knew Los could be that upset he called them so many punks and B-words I got upset and decided to forever #boycottAmazon. Remember The entire album will be played on 93.1 The Beat go like the page on Face book here》》》》93.1 The Beat

The Album will be played from 6-7 PM central time I believe,  well whatever time zone the city of Amarillo, Texas  is in.  Miss Shortie who is Los' s friend will have the honor of debuting The SON LP to the entire Internet world. Her show is on from 5-8 PM every Sunday make sure you all support her. She shows all our favorite artist mad love on her show.
Juanita Banda (Shortiie) 《《《《《《《 Facebook  Shortie931 Twitter Follow her!

Listen or download your app for the station here》》》93.1 The Beat Website
Can't wait there is so much going on I am going to write another blog shortly after this one these are the two most important subjects. For the Bing fans now that I am back, I will make sure and have him write another blog. I know he has been moved to Stiles unit. So if you all write him here is the new address:

Hata Proof is having a Screwed Video Release party, I guess anyway for info go look up Big Cease or Eternal on Face book. On that note I am done son oh yeah go like my Ghetto Girl Promotionz link is on top right. I will tell you everything next blog. Ghetto Girl here trying to stay inspired.

Saturday, September 13, 2014




Carlos has a number of projects among them are THE SON. No more waiting the day is here it's already on pre-order at Best Buy and Amazon. I wouldn't buy at Amazon that 's just my opinion tho. A lot of fans already pre-ordered it from them people. Don't wanna cuss on my blog.  Anyhow the big flyer on top is an event I will be at. By pure miracle. Also on the 30th will be the launch of the website  
The way Los explained it, we will be able to interact with him. He called it,"SPM Disney Land"  I suppose that means we shall have a blast. I can't wait to see what they come up with. 
I kind of didn't wanna blog anymore I felt it was kind of pointless due to the fact that Bing really is not communicating and everyone is busy with their lives. It's just a weird time for us all, we are trying to unite and like they say when you trying to do something good like read the bible, the devil mess with you. Well that's how it is with us trying to organize  the event in Houston and on-line. We getting emotional, attacking each other, getting jealous of each other and that is totally the opposite of what Carlos would want if he knew we were acting like fools, he would say cut it off. So if you all reading this and you one of them fools please get yourself together. Let's get this event done and done right. 
As you can see my blogging skills are not the same anymore why? Many reasons that we don't need to get into. Carlos says that I lose interest and I can never finish what I start. He says I need discipline. I told him that is very true. For some reason he thought that was hilarious and he laughed. I was like los if it was that easy to have discipline I wouldn't of went to jail and what not. Anyway I don't know what to blog so I am going to post all the links to all the Current or the pages that are still going for information on SPM as you can see there is already two links up top. Okay so here we go.

All Things SPM @ flipboard

Official SoundCloud SPM 
The Dope House Army
 Twitter @SPMLIVES
same @ on instagram and you already know about WWW.SPMAFTERMATH.COM
Thank you people hope to see you at the DAY OF UNITY.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SPM Aftermath: You Should Join Us

SPM Aftermath: You Should Join Us: It has been extremely cool to watch the preparations commencing for SPM's 'Day of Unity', and the release of The S.O.N. Dope Hou.
.Day of Unity SPM SPEAKS OUT

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Since I last wrote this here blog a whole lot has happened or I just got it together.August 24,2014 meeting at Dope House Records for the Day of Unity. Lucky I wish I could go. I will be there October 03 if it's the last thing I do in life. I made a few changes like I do here and there. So make sure to always look over my blog. It works so much more efficient on Google Chrome. The following is a link on the conversation the boys had about the movement. 

  There are several things to discuss number one is The Day Of Unity. This event is so official it needs referees,  As you can see it's going to go down! Peacefully of course. We have to represent for Carlos, and if some of us act like thugs, that will reflect very poorly on Los. So if we stick together and unite we will get the attention of the powers-that- be! If anybody has any questions on the case don't ask others, inform yourself WWW.SPMAFTERMATH.COM  all the info you need to know is in that awesome blog that I love. If you are curious about the case or want to know the real situation that is the most credible place you can go. Please read it! If you want to see his habeas corpus and see the many reasons and how obviously and  unjustly, he was turned down.
GO  here Carlos Coy #1110642 vs The State of Texas. I WARN YOU EVEN THE BIG CORPORATIONS ARE CASHING IN! You will have to download the app they are pushing in order to see it all. Unless Mari the Ghetto Genius mixes her two qualities "street smarts" and even more questionable "Book/technology"  skills and hook you all up! We'll see................

   How did this come about well, some of us loyal SPM and Incandesio followers, we will remember that Young J started something like this but never finished. This is an entirely new group that had the same Idea in Houston Texas. Carlos Martinez FB handle is Carlos Mtz, Mario Prado, Aaron Lopez and Cristoval 'Suavecito' Larrazalo were having a regular conversation about The #FREESPM movement.  They said to each other what if we really do it? That was Aaron and Carlos speaking to each other.  Cris decided to shoot a video talking about the protest and the rules in order for the protest to be ligitametely peaceful. He shared it, like anything else SPM related it got around. Aaron created the flyer which they printed and is still being used right now as the official logo for the protest. Mario was there helping them with everything.  They basically formed a team that has inspired the SPM web audience, some of SPM's closest,  family and the man himself. In this day of speed we forget to give proper credit were it is due and I believe all 4 of these young men deserve the proper congratulatory "That's what's Up" or like they say in Houston "Awweredy!"

It's going down all Dope House Records is attending.

I myself want to give a Special shout out. better a real respectful mention to Carlos Mtz for reaching out to me cause we managed to put enough pressure at the right time, Incandesio was a big help. My best friend asked me to write this blog weeks ago but I was very uninspired.  This Young Boy Los and his crew of brilliant friends have managed to get Ghetto girl to come back and start blogging. Thank you 
so much Carlos Mtz. I also want to give a big shout out to Tyler Cedric Perez. He told me some of the most encouraging compliments in regards to all that I do. It made me feel compensated . So you all know that this is approved by Sylvia Coy, Thomas Carrol who is now in charge of Marketing at Dope House Records, congratulations and the man SPM himself. 

I hope to see everyone there.

 Next is entirely up to you but I suggest spending more time on twitter or do what I do and set your app to notify you on accounts such as @Spmlives and @spmaftermath  you know the ones you like. @OfficialJar I especially recommend you follow @Sylviacoy her and Thomas Carroll are working closely with Los and have a lot in store for us. Power couple there. Last but not even close to least are the pics that inspired me, they gave me the motivation I needed to write this blog. I have re edited this blog so all the pictures are different except my favorite one below.

All these pictures are of the things that most represent the event of the year.

Monday, August 4, 2014


I  found out that blogging is hard when one is having  emotional issues I don't know why my issues are on full turnt up. I am battling harder then SPM vs Los, Mari vs Ghetto girl I suppose. Finally I got a Bing blog. Lets go: Answers to some questions by anonymous

1. Did you save  or have any footage of you on TV  or Air Checks from the radio? 
Bing: There's some footage out there. A home girl and my kenfolk but so far they are bullshitting so that's the situation.
2. What was prison like when you first went in, 12 years ago? And is prison racism against Hispanics real in Texas?
Bing: Prison was more chaotic where you had to be really solid, and hold it down. But now you have Safe Prison Programs, and there is alot of people snitching on each other so it's fucked up. Either way it's never been a place to be fuck prison.
Mari: I concur fuck prison
3. If you were to get released sooner then expected what would be the first thing you would do?
Bing: I would fuck the shit out of my gal and eat home cooked food.
4. Will SPM and you ever collaborate on an Album together?
Bing: God willing yes.

Wassup everyone it's  ya homie Bing fuckin with you again on some real shit. I'm bout halfway thru this Ad-Seg transition program, and this shit is trash my nigga. They have me doing a class I already done for one. And I'm surrounded by a bunch of immature individuals, who whine and cry about everything. The ranking officers are always switching our schedules but I'm holding it down, waiting for NFL, writing music, staying on my workout grind til I shake the spot and land on my next ID unit. As far as the Album with Filero, the idea is to drop something by September, but were thinking bout dropping a single or something til then the Album will be called Bing Latin. So far the idea is to drop this Album soon god willing and everything is straight feel me? I need to make sure my bread is secure and it's not much of a trust issue cuz me and Filero have no beef. That's my nigga. It's just the business side of things, and the fact that too many things can come into play. I'm confident tho, so we gonna make this happen. Right now I'm soaking up the AC in the Cognitive intervention class. The one I already got a certificate from. We're supposed to make 160-180 hours of this to complete this transition program. I have over 200 hours already and I already done all this shit. I don't be having all these issues that other people have, spazzin out and shit. Ha I just stay focused on my business and what I got going on. Keeping a free world state of mind. I noticed alot of people in prison sweat the small shit, commissary Ramen Noodle shit, State shit. So for the most part I only fuck with a handful of niggas who are on my level of progress, mind, body and soul. I'm no where close to the wisdom of some
people I fuck with, but that's why I fucks with them. Cuz knowledge is power and it gives you the ability to make decisions that benefit you. So that you can lead by example. There is no limit to the grind homie. Any slick muthafucka can make a dollar, but most don't know how to keep a dollar. I've ran through too much money. And got fucked over too much money In my life. I ain't trying to hear it no more. Your boy tryin to get that Wall street Paper. I have a boss mind  on a boss grind. So yeah it's real on this end. Much luv to everybody who's supporting this FREE BING MOVEMENT. Fuck with me outro Meskin Latin Legend

So there's a short blog by Bing, I spoke to him and we had a great conversation. He is planning on sticking to the blog it is just a matter of getting him motivated. Aside from Bing just wanna say

A little tip going through google chrome makes this blog alot easier to navigate.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

SAMBO Original Artwork

peeps just wanted to share these original prison artwork,decals so-to-speak. 
Sambo is the artist and if anybody is interested hit up my email 

Somebody asked  me to write why I know SPM is not guilty. Man all you have to do is hit up WWW.SPMAFTERMATH.COM
Of course you might understand me better because I could explain it in Mari terms.
So if you followed the trial you know all the discrepancies. The nine year old girl which was obviously trained to accuse Carlos said that he went to Carley's room and kneeled down went between her legs and performed oral sex for 1second, or 1 minute, or one lick depending on which story you want to feel is right. She also said it could of been a dream.Jane Doe is simply a victim of her parents,  the officer who couldn't do her job and record the initial statement  because all the equipment in the police station was defective. Really? Cops got equipment for days on end, believe me I've been interrogated a few times. Now Carlos was offered a plea of five years probation if he pleaded guilty. Why didn't he take it? If you didn't hurt a child that's not the kind of charge you want on your record.  Obviously it would have ended his career. The police department  did a sloppy job on this case they didn't make the weakest attempt to collect DNA no clothes was tested no , nothing that could help or hurt the case either way. Why? Ask Chip who now conveniently works with the ex DA in Carlos Coy's case. If you haven't seen the transcripts that man got punked which I now believe was all a show. America let me tell you about our system cause I know, I don't care if you have a public pretender, or Rob Shapiro lawyers, DA's, Judges they bargain with our lives, they say if we sink this one, I'll be lenient to this one. Personally Ive been on the receiving end of both sides. Okay the victims parents sued of course but they were so greedy that Tudi offered them $300,000 and they said no. Civil court didnt believe them but had to insult them with $10, 000 just to agree with the conviction of felony court. Sad storey, The mom was interviewed at the time When Devis Strike LP came out. She said Carlos had not yet payed a dollar from Carlos and all they wanted now was an apology. Sorry but if  you molest my child I'm not gonna want your dirty money, or an apology. Imma want you to die. So the mom's video has then disappeared from  YouTube.  But we have good ole Billy's statement he called Carlos "a sick puppy." Another stupid thing to say to the man  who ruined your baby allegedly. Link on top.

Okay the best reason to know your boy is not guilty? His attitude, his demeanor.  Guilty people sleep their sentence away. Like I have said before, I fall asleep in the police car. Every time it never fails. A guilty person wouldn't fight after damn near13 years to make sure that all of us don't go with out music. Like in his music his stories stay the same. They never change. Why would Carlos care so much about each and every one of us? Guilty dudes just don't care and go into survival mode. Man come on I know guilty people, we except our fate.
Laters playas.



Monday, July 21, 2014

Since Elementary,The Penitentiary

  Hello world of SPM and Bing. And anyone else in Texas. How the hell are we? As for myself I've been you know slacking on you all. So first things first Bing aka "Mo Drama Bing Laden" finally called, turns out he and the unit were placed on lock down. He has not been able to purchase stamps. Hence no letter. So an update his album date has been set to drop 9/11 hint hint. But in the underground world every thing is "Tentative" remember that folks. Especially cause it's all Independent and the artist have to pay for everything themselves. He talked to me for as long as possible except the phone kept getting disconnected. First the CO asked him to hang up. And of course he did not appreciate it and went a little hostile on the said CO. If you ever been to prison, you would think that was funny. I did, CO's tend to lose empathy, or never have it when they work for a few years. It's rough for everybody involved. Let's just change the subject. I actually played him the Freestyle on the Screwston vol. 4 Screwologist LP and he said he did not know if it was him on the track or not. So I guess I'll never know. Here is the link:
 Bing's track Maybe? check maybe you all know if Bing is on it, cause he sure don't have a clue. Anyhow I know you all have a thousand questions for Bing but his focus is off it's a big change to go from segregation to GP, And it's exciting and overwhelming. When one is housed in segregation, it is almost like sensory deprivation. Okay maybe that is exaggerated but it's pretty damn close LOL. Carlos and I have not communicated for a while; I sent him the comments, well actually the print out of the last blog. See this is the problem, when Bing calls he calls me collect and if I run out of money they block the phone from Carlos but not Bing. And there's nothing I can do but place more money on the account. Well I'm so damn hood that me and money don't get along. Real talk which is funny cause I spent my whole life getting fast money, spending it, then getting more. Now that my mind is different I just don't have no more ambition I guess. Point is I have a hard time keeping my phone line open. My life is too crazy I mean yesterday a detective went to my house to ask me about a double homicide, why cause I live in the projects still. Well I kinda do, my Ghetto girl handle is not a joke or exaggeration. My life is pretty not glamorous, why do I spend time messing with pages and blogs who knows? I should be on some other priorities. Back to Bing and Los, Los has recorded  calls since he's been out of seg

First call.
Had to make it a link instead of embed because the embed code is faulty I think.

Second call

There you all have it the reunion between Filero and Los and, the announcement of the S.O.N. September 30th. I should have gotten a hi, hello for being the one to re-unite these two but Los forgot me and I shouldn't care cause i'm on inside so-to-speak but I do care. I care about everything these days. However Filero did re-post the Drinking a 40 with Los, and told me thanks let me post the pic you know I saved it.

Shout out to Filero for showing me some love. 
So I must add this call Los mentions me this made my whole year man, I guess because of the way he said it like if i'm just a regular part of their crew. It's awesome, funny thing is that the cold 40 he talking about Bing mentions me. I'm telling you my life is a trip. Why do i get excited with these thing's well it's SPM damn!

Okay so on that note Filero Most Hated LP is supposed to be dropping soon as well, I don''t know any type of date because last I heard it was July 4th and that didn't happen.
I believe this is the cover art I pretty sure Los dropped a verse for it.
So Bing promised again to send me a blog as soon as he got stamps, maybe in a few days, we were having major issues communicating with each other so I couldn't grab some material off the phone. He's excited about the whole being able to record again. You all know that FileroHtx already recorded some hooks he has them on deck for $300.00 dollars. I mean to me that's good deal and all you have to do is put the money on his books which you can do at the following  JPay  make an account search Bing's Name (Raymond Ayala inmate #1161502) and it will let you put money on his books, phone time, write him and or email; which they print out the following day. You all know all the highlighted text are links right? Just checking, like I was saying if you are a starting artist, or an OG it will not hurt you to have Bing on your shit. I would jump on that opportunity, but that's just me. I know no one has no money blah blah blah, but it would really boost your demographics of your fans. Just saying. What would I know? I hope you all stay patient waiting for Bing to send a new blog. Remember he's like experiencing a third world country at the moment. They have no AC and he also said that they got flies and gnats to handle some plague type shit. So we can't really rush him right now. I think his next blog will be posted on his Facebook page.Bing Ayala Facebook Pg I'm not sure tho it might not work but either way go like my boys page and see some cool shit. There is a FB badge for all my favorite pages on the right, Also if you all on twitter make sure and follow @SPMLIVES{also a twitter button on the right} it is the official twitter account for the LP Son Of Norma 

It was all I had, but I spoke to Bing again. I let him know that everyone is anxious to hear from him. He promised me he is on another blog asap. And unless you all wanna know what Bing says to me on a personal  level? If you all do wanna hear about some of our convo let me know on the comments and I'll share. It is not nothing to special for the most part he encourages me to get goals in life.
 Last but never least I wanna share about my favorite rapper he could Neva not get a mention at least. Eternal aka Mr Neva Die and Ese Loc also known as the Latin Embassy group out of Dallas Texas are dropping a greatest hits album. I know I'm excited. It should be soon as well. Here's the cover art for that project. Shout out to Jim Smith from Pearl Base Records, who created this banging cover. I love it. So gangster, I know, for real though. This music is legendary in Texas so you all make sure to support. #Player Race

Okay so I've been in super gloomy, emo, damn near mad woman status for quiet some time. I would say over a year.I have come to a conclusion , The whole Law of attraction has to be scientific fact. So Bing and Los have been rapping about the penitentiary since their first tracks. Now you think that is coincidental, or plain just attracting that shit to yourself? Maybe some of us were just meant to live that life style to show the rest what not to do with your life. Nah don't let Los read this shit, he would be upset with me. I'm just saying maybe some of us are destined since elementary to see the penitentiary. On that note I"m out, My next blog should be more interesting.We will see. See you all around, Ghetto girl Mari. So I changed it up, very little  and added a video. Thank you all.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

New Video

"Move It" (Pablo Piccasso ft. Trill Menace & Eter…:

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Sunny DFX hit him up!

 In the middle of several failed attempts of writing a blog, I received a phone call from Los. We spoke about alot of things. Some are personal and all about my crazy life, eventually I will share with y'all. For now let's talk about the goods. After he felt confident that I heard him, we discussed music. Plans for future projects he had in mind; I can help share with his fan base. As soon as I know they are officially in the works I'll post. SPM and his world are very delicate. I didn't want to speak on The SON but I did ask him, like I told a few people I would, so the definite date is up in the air like it has been for years! But there is a tentative date for the beginning of September, possibly the end of August. Now I know we've all been waiting. Some more then others. All I can say is Carlos is a perfectionist and it won't be released until SPM and Dope House feel it's perfect. Just hang in there F.A.N.S Los needs our support now more then ever. Also at the request of a fan, I asked him if he had ghost written Lost by Gorilla Zoe and he replied and I quote "No, I didn't write that song, I can write that song in my sleep." It wouldn't be Los if he didn't keep it real. Carlos also discussed Rap Gods, remember people Los is very honest;(disclaimer) Los said that as far as battle rap he considers himself to be the best, he said that the best rapper in the world is Eminem in general. Los wants to battle rap Eminem so if any of y'all know him please let him know. Seriously, Los also told me that as far as heartfelt rap he thought Tupac was number one. Grimy, gritty rap he thought Notorious. I was like, "What about Nas?" He replied that Nas only had Iillmatic and after that he got weak. I had no understanding cause I love Nas. Oh yeah he answered my question about his reference on Must Be High about Thirstin Howl the III. It is about the rich guy in the show Gilligan's Island. So my know-it-all bunkie from prison Janice, was right. Carlos said he's never even heard of a freestyle rapers named Thirstin Howl the III. To read more about this topic go to the following link;

Other then that, that's all the SPM updates I can share. The rest of the questions will be answered as soon as possible. I spoke to Bing he assured me that he would send me a post. I know he will it's just a matter of time. He is busier now that he is in population. He just got a twenty day break from school, so he might be able to catch up on his mail. Bing insisted on writing the blog instead of me just posting for him It was dope talking to both Texas Legends, I don't even believe it myself most times! On our last phone call  Bing rapped a bit of  Pound 4 Pound. His voice is amazing, I told Bing "You so H-Town you naturally Screwed and Chopped." He laughed and replied, "My voice is raspy." He also told me that when he recorded Pound 4 Pound he was just messing around just to see what he could do. Filero recorded him without him knowing. So one of Bing's best freestyles was born from a practice round so to speak. His new EP is going to be released by Filero. Bing confirmed the date, According to what Filero said, it will be dropped August 21, 2014! I hear myself talk\write about Los, Bing, Filero, Rasheed. And I think how did I get to this space where I'm consorting with H-Town most musical talent. It happens I suppose. It really is amazing When one can experience it. A little tribute to one of Los and Bing's favorite DJ Screw. June 27!

Sunny DFX



Moving on, can't leave without mentioning my boy Eternal Aka Mr. Neva Die. He discovered that his Paystyle video was featured in a gangland video. Before I post I must say that either Eternal or any of the rappers in the video, or myself, are in no way, shape or form affiliated to Tango Blast, or the Gangland show,

The whole reason for posting this video is due to the producers using Paystyle; Eternal's video for their show. It's wild but it's kind of cool. So if you haven't seen Paystyle, watch now so you can see that they sampled it.

I also want to share with you all the LP cover for Eternal's newest project #Tyrant which will be coming soon. I can't wait to hear it. The cover work was done by Jim Smith. Major shout out to dasugarman.pearlbaserecords   who manages both Eternal aka Mr. Neva Die and Jim Smith as well as, other artist. For any serious inquires of either artist call Dasugarman at the following number:

Anyway before I went into advertisement mode I was sending a major shout out, All the gentleman above are very humble supporters of SPM. I have never seen supporters be so quiet about what they do for the movement. Jim, Eternal and Dasugarman have been supporting SPM and his music for years. They keep it on the low, now I'm putting them on blast. I just want to say I have mad respect for all three of them for the way the carry themselves and their careers #Salute
Aside from the fact that I like the music, anyone who goes as hard for SPM as they do deserves my support and the support of all the fans. Next my playlist number two. Here it goes.

    No.1 Latin Embassy

Fast Life (feat. Ese-Loc, Eternal, Eddie, Big Cease & Mr. Luni) (4:43)

No. 2 let-the-games-begin-eternal

No. 3 diamonds-when-i-swang-vago-and

No. 4 lucio-thugmex/l-thugmex-ft-eternal-hataproof-certifyed-slow-music

No. 5 dirty-souf-Mexican 


The following are Eternal's Mix Tapes download for free.

Photo:⬅ download

Front Cover

Front Cover

Front Cover

Okay folks just wanted to make sure you all get a chance to catch up on most of Eternal's music repertoire before he drops his #Tyrant LP

Jim Smith Track

So there you have it folks, my little blog that has taken me forever to write. My best friend told me I am having writers block. Now that I sit here, I think he was right. I'll get my grove back by next blog. Till then see you all next time, thanks for reading and everything else. Peace and #FREESPM #FREEBING

Sporting their Dope House Chains Smitty and Carolyn

If interested in original artwork, letter decal from Sambo hit me up. He draws all original letters. SAMBO'S FACEBOOK PAGE